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We offer quality classes to help our customers perfect their gardening skills. Don't miss these upcoming workshops.
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Garden with Marvin

Garden with Marvin is a series of DIY workshops taught by Marvin the Garden Guy at Bellaview Garden Center. We are passionate about gardening, and we want to share that with our customers and community. Not everyone is born with a green thumb, and for some novices, gardening can be intimidating or even viewed as a chore. We are here to help! It is our goal to share our knowledge and help people learn the basics of gardening, so they can grow to love it as much as we do! Marvin is an experienced professional with extensive knowledge in all things green. You will love his classes!

We recommend that you attend our Garden with Marvin workshops, so you can experience hands-on instruction and get answers to your questions. For your convenience, you will find a promotional video of each upcoming class on our YouTube channel, Bellaview Garden Center, as well as video summaries of each of our classes.

Don’t forget to visit our Events tab for a list of upcoming classes, and like Marvin the Garden Guy always says, “Two green thumbs up!”


About Us

There is something about playing in the dirt and loving it. We grew up playing outside and getting dirty from head to toe. Some of our fondest memories are running through fruit orchards, swimming in the river, playing in the chicken coop, getting grass stains on our knees, harvesting produce from our family garden, and eating fresh picked fruit until we made ourselves sick.

Playing in the dirt is in our nature. Times have changed so much since our days of jumping in puddles and our mothers complaining about the dirt and grass stains on our clothes. Technology has replaced many interests, and playing in the dirt is not something you hear about all the time. We want to change that. We want to help individuals and families get back to the essence of being one with nature. It is our goal to pass on our love of the outdoors and passion for gardening to our children and grandchildren. We dream of others doing the same for their future generations.
Bellaview Garden Center is a family-owned business, and everything we do is centered around that. Some of our customers are now some of our dearest friends. We love it when we can make a personal connection with our customers. It is important to us to offer a welcoming environment to everyone who walks through our doors. Our employees are family. We believe in investing in people and letting them know they are valued for their hard work and contributions. Everyone who works at Bellaview plays an important role in the success of our company. Our team members share our vision, and they love playing in the dirt!

We have been fortunate enough to have had opportunities to make a presence in our community. We strongly believe that no true success is achieved without making a difference for good. It is our hope that we can continue to make a difference and grow with our community.

Sincerely, The Bori Family

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